Our Story

Chandelier Design was born out of a need for high quality chandelier crystal prisms at a low price. I was refinishing a chandelier and couldn't find the right crystals. Either the crystals were way too expensive (and I could only afford to buy a few prisms), or they were low quality and I didn't like them at all. So I started doing my research, I started finding crystals that were really sparkly and beautiful at prices I could afford. I have spent years searching the world to find the most gorgeous chandelier crystals. 
Now, more than ten years later... I have grown Chandelier Design to be the largest collection of chandelier crystals in the US. We ship crystals all over the world to interior designers, jewelry makers, crafters, and people who just want to add some bling to their home or those who are refurbishing an antique chandelier. 
Our goal is to keep our prices low enough that you can change your decor for every occasion. We have dozens of colors, shapes, and size of chandelier crystals perfect for every holiday, special occasion, and season.