How To Clean Your Chandelier

A crystal chandelier should be cleaned every 6 months, but sometimes you may want to clean more often. If your crystal prisms look dull or dusty, you should clean them. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when cleaning your chandelier:

  • Most important, turn the light off before you start.
  • Always use soft, cotton cloths. Paper towels can scratch your crystals.
  • Never spray any cleaner on the chandelier (except for cleaners specially made for spraying on chandeliers), this can damage chandelier and leave spots on the crystal prisms.
  • If your chandelier is intricate, take pictures from different angles before you start. This way you will remember where everything goes when you are finished.

It is important to hand wash the crystals, make sure you line the bottom of your sink with a towel so you don't damage any crystals.

  1. Fill the sink half way with warm water.
  2. Add a drop of distilled white vinegar and about half a teaspoon of dish soap in the water.
  3. Put a few crystals in the sink. Only clean a few at a time so you don't damage any.
  4. Use a soft cloth to clean each crystal.
  5. Rinse each crystal and immediately dry them with another soft cloth. Drying each one is important so you don't leave water spots on the crystals.
  6. Put back on the chandelier using your photos so you know where each one goes.